Tablet replacement parts and spare parts for tablets. touch screen all kinds of components, displays, battery, chargers, accessories, cables, connectors. Smart phones and tablets are essential equipment for many of us, but with screens that break easily, it is rare that there are not many more complaints about how difficult they are to repair.

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Tablet Replacement & Repair Parts

Electronic tablet technology has revolutionized science and therefore is an important element of the communications category. The first computers and laptops safely could become part of the technological history in a very short time because now entering the market are the ultimate in portable computers. In any case, more than a fashion, practicality and small footprint make it more versatile. Electronic tablets, are slightly larger than a smartphone or PDA.

Features electronic tablet

Electronic tablet is integrated into a (single or multi) touch screen in which you interact with your fingers or a pen stylus (passive or active).

No need for a physical keyboard or a mouse. These are supplemented by a virtual keyboard on some models, a mini-trackball built into one of the edges of the screen.

A. The standard format is called slate (slate) and lacks full keyboard, but you can connect to a wireless via a cable.

B.- The convertible notebook has a physical keyboard that rotates on a hinge or slides under the screen.