Mobile phones with screens without frames or with curved edges are one of the main trends in the mobile market. After several years where Samsung has taken full advantage in the field of mobile phones with borderless screens, it was at the end of this year 2016 that the market related to these devices has taken a qualitative and quantitative leap. The Galaxy S with Dual Edge display have no longer have the exclusive practice of these types of models, and we have seen how in recent weeks new phones from other manufacturers have come to market, which undoubtedly benefits the users, who now have Of a much wider range of options.

With the technical specifications of each other terminals, with the same processors, RAM, and cameras that in some cases are perfect, the screen is one of the areas of the phone that more margin of evolution offers manufacturers. And with the final appearance of the Dual Edge screens and the amazing irruption of the Xiaomi Mi Mix it has become clear that the screens of this type are increasingly a trend more up in the sector. To choose one of these terminals is to do it for a clear commitment to the design, but also for a series of exclusive functions that integrate these screens without borders or curved.

Larger screen size in smaller space

Traditional telephones offer screens of all sizes, and usually have borders on the sides of the screen and the top and bottom, which of course take up more space. The trend of the screens without borders or with curved edges can offer us a larger screen area in a smaller space, which, together with its attractive design, makes these devices the object of desire of many users. One of the best examples of this facet is the Xiaomi Mi Mix, which offers a screen of 6.4 inches in the same space that occupies the iPhone 7 Plus with a screen 5.5 inches. And all thanks to its borderless design on both the sides and top, which achieve an astonishing proportion of size compared to the rest of the phone of more than 90%.

Unique functions and amazing design

A curved display, such as the Samsung Galaxy S7, is not only a portent of design and a feature that completely differentiates its design from the rest, but also houses a number of features that expand the possibilities of the phone. The access to contextual menus on the sides of the screen, information of interest while it is off, or the execution of different tasks thanks to gestures in this area of ​​the mobile are some of the main advantages of a Dual Edge display. If we talk about screens without borders, as in the Xiaomi Mi Mix, the design is the main attraction, bringing the screen to the upper edges and creating a unique feeling to whoever holds it in the hands. The offer of this type of terminals is increasing, and we anticipate some 2017 and 2018 where these types of screens are going to extend a lot, even in middle ranges, ceasing to be a privilege only of the high ranges. After Samsung, Xiaomi has established itself as one of the manufacturers that are betting on this type of screens. One of the last examples of terminals of this type is the Honor Magic, presented yesterday by Huawei.

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