Repair the motherboard of a laptop / notebook

Repair the motherboard of a laptop / notebook

repair-the-motherboardThis surely is a difficult article to write for various reasons, mainly because faults can be many and surely you never stop learning, then I will make an introduction and three items to better explain the three possible case studies of failures that I want to illustrate.


Let’s start by saying that the percentage of repair of a motherboard is variable as a function of the knowledge that we have in electronics, the presence of the electric scheme and the type of fault.

Groped to repair the motherboard of a laptop you need to necessarily know how to use a multimeter and measure voltage, test the components to verify its integrity and ability to read a wiring diagram, if you are a complete beginner in these things it is very difficult, then evaluated before if run into this venture.

The presence of the circuit diagram is almost essential in these reparations, I write “almost” because if it burned the input fuse on, or has unsoldered connector you can also do without the scheme, otherwise I assure you it becomes impossible even to follow only the part about feeding.

What really makes the difference is the type of fault and this is not the “discovery of the century”, by this variable depends on the true success of the repair, can also be of e-professors and have the motherboard diagram, but if the fault it is one of those “tough” do not will fix almost never.
One last key variable is the time available, if it is your machine and you have nothing to be repaired can rest even whole days to search for the dead, but if you do for a living and notebooks to be repaired are many, many hours of use every motherboard means of increasing the cost of the repair and then becomes counterproductive for you and the customer. So if you do it for a living you will have to give you a term and especially to understand the type of failure if it is worth spenderci an hour more or give up right away.

And now some general advice:

if your handset is certainly know how it happened the fault, if he fell over the liquid or if it happened for no apparent reason. If it is a customer, do give as much information as possible, they can help in the research of the problem.

Take a first visual analysis of the motherboard and check the presence of some component burned, measured the CMOS battery always, some motherboards do not start if the battery is very low.

Always work very quietly following the pattern possibly printed page that interests you and put the notes in order to remember the different situations if you return to that point.

Keep the cards that you can not repair, you might need some component that would otherwise be difficult to find.

Beware of bracelets and watches, screwdrivers and tweezers and in general to any metal object present in the motherboard area, just a moment of distraction to not short anything on the card and have an additional problem to be solved.

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