Touch Screen Parts

Indeed, every time we have more and more devices with touch screen LCD’s: laptops, tablets, phones, consoles, etc. are all very fragile by self-panel LCD but also with the arrival of tactile interfaces has greatly increased the risk of breakage due to the extreme fragility of the digitizer component that converts a direct input to the digital analog touch input can be active, which are used for input handwriting, or capacitive, which are used for digital touch input.

Different types of digitizers touch screen, which are usually attached to the LCD panel, operate using different technologies, but most are at the top of the screen and usually have a glass substrate so that if you touch the screen with a capacitive or any software pointer finger can enter data. In fact the digitizer is the main or only input device for some of the smartphones of today, like in most tablets and even computers because their operating systems (Android, IOS, Windows 10) recognize various gestures or patterns of touch to interpret different things. To touch and slide to one side can turn a page or make a change screens while a quote blow can activate another function.